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August 29, 2010 / Man in the Mirror


A lot of problems arise due to the injustice we do to each other.

What is the Source of Injustice?

Injustice is due to one of the following:

  1. Ignorance: sometime a cruel person does not really know what he is doing; neither does he realize that he is destroying the rights of others.
  2. Need: at times, we wish to possess things, which belong to others. Under these conditions, we might be tempted to become involved in injustice.
  3. Incompetence and inability: at times, we may not be willing to deprive others of their rights but we cannot help it and unwillingly we become involved in injustice.
  4. Selfishness and revenge: sometime none of the above factors are responsible for our decision; rather our selfishness leads us to trespass over the rights of others.
  5. Revenge: this desire might be another factor for getting involved in injustice. Our egocentrism might be responsible for the wrong inflicted by us on others.

The Holy Quran has repeatedly considered injustice as the very essence of corruption in human society and predicts a painful fate for cruel people.

Chapter 16, verse 90:

Surely, Allah enjoins the doing of justice and doing of good to others and the giving to the kindred, and He forbids indecency, evil, and rebellion.

It is worthwhile to mention that accepting cruelty and injustice from others is just as abominable as doing injustice to others.

Chapter 2, verse 279:

Neither shall you make the debtor suffer loss, nor shall you be made to suffer loss.

Submission to the unjust acts of cruel people is to encourage tyrants to engage in their devilish deeds even more.



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