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September 14, 2010 / Man in the Mirror


It is unfortunate to see many individuals possessing various talents, which qualify them to lead a life of happiness and satisfaction subjected to different factors, which make their souls a toy for discomfort and insecurity.

As a result, these individuals fall victim to the untrue dream that living happily is nothing but mere fiction, and that man’s inevitable conclusion is to become a straw being tossed around by the fictitious waves of pain ending up on the bottom of the grave of disillusion and poverty.

These pains and sufferings are not but the result of choosing false images over facts and realities.

The reflections of the images which are drawn in the minds of men in the sea of waves of anxieties and their lonely goals and unrealistic hopes are the factors to blame for bringing mankind out of light into darkness and making them subject to confusing hardships.

Today we clearly observe that material gains have taken priority over virtue. Man has equipped himself with the tools of industry and experimental sciences and has abandoned the good merits which are expected and needed to guard his soul from being destroyed under the feet of the evilness of lust and uncontrolled wants. Even human emotions are in a state of struggle between life and death.


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