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September 19, 2010 / Man in the Mirror

Islam calls for Optimism and Trust

Islam commands its followers to trust each other, and to assume that another’s intentions are good. Therefore, it is not permitted for anyone to judge a Muslim’s actions as corrupt without proper evidence for such a judgment.

When people trust each other, it increases their love towards each other and brings harmony into their lives.

It is even possible that optimism and trust affect the thinking and conduct of the misguided ones. Trust and optimism provide grounds for the salvation of such people.

Trust also releases the pressure created by the miseries and misfortunes of life.

It is essential for Muslims to behave with each other in such a way that does not leave room for ill expectations to penetrate their society.

Because an individual whose expectations of people is negative lacks the ability to reason logically.

The lack of faith among people is the reason for the acute disease of mistrust in society.

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