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October 3, 2010 / Man in the Mirror

Position of Manners in Society

Manners are an essential factor in societies and in the perfection of nations. Manners were born as a part of humanity. There are many people who substitute their animalistic inclinations in the place of good conduct. They substitute excellent morals for lusts which appear in life-like bubbles appear sparkling on the water’s surface.

Those who have balanced their internal powers with their lusts and that which their dreams prefer, and have created a sense of peace between their minds and peace between their minds and hearts, have undoubtedly followed the path of happiness between the problems of life with a will free of weakness, failure or defeat.

We observe today of the continuous misery and fluctuation in the heart of civilization has reached the point that it has become like a toy in the hands of problems and infliction. This can only be blamed on the diversion from the path of noble traits and spiritual values.

The reason for the persisting miseries and imperfections in various societies is a phenomenon of people’s needs for moral values.


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