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October 19, 2010 / Man in the Mirror

Lying is Prohibited by Religion

The Holy Quran explicitly categorizes liars as disbelievers.

Chapter 16, verse 105:
“Only they forge the lies who do not believe in Allah’s communications, and these are the liars.”

It is understood from the verse that believers do not subject themselves to the filth of fabrication.

The Prophet (PBUH) stated:
“Adhere to truthfulness; for truthfulness guides to Paradise. Surely, a man continues to tell the truth and searches for it until he is written as truthful near Allah. And avoid falsehood; for it leads to the Fire. Man continues to lie until he is written as a liar near Allah.”

Among the characteristics of liars is that they only believe after annoying insistence. The Prophet (PBUH):
“Surely, those who are most frequent in believing people are most frequent in telling the truth; and those who mostly doubt people are the most frequent liars.”

Courageous people with good manners and conduct cannot bear falsehood nor can they accept to be polluted by such fifth. Liars suffer from a mental disorder which keeps them from speaking the truth. Those who resort to lying subconsciously feel weak and humiliated, for lying is the front of the weak and the cowards.

The Holy Quran, chapter 13, verse 28:
“Surely, with the remembrance of Allah the hearts feel at ease.”

Islam judges man’s character by the degree of his belief and his favorite traits, and fervently struggles to strengthen these two factors. Islam has made man’s faith a guarantee for the credibility of his statements when he executes an oath. According to the Islamic penal code, a Muslim’s oath can replace evidence, under certain circumstances, and is therefore decisive in settling disputes. Islam has also made man’s testimony a method of proving rights.

In the Holy Quran lying is considered to be an unforgivable sin, chapter 24, verse 4:
“And never accept a testimony from them.”

Lying under oaths and in testimonies is more damaging, the punishment for such a sin is more severe.
Lying is a technique leading to all other evil traits.

The Prophet (PBUH) replied:
“Abandon lying and equip yourself with truthfulness.”

Those who keep company with the honest and are habitually truthful, both verbally and practically will surely live a life free of sorrow and deprivation; their minds and spirits will shine with belief far from instability and fear, and far from vague thinking.
Truthfulness can only be achieved under the shadow of manners and belief. Whenever these conditions are weak, human happiness does not have a chance of surviving.


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