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October 25, 2010 / Man in the Mirror

Cherish Your Personality

All men are humanly equal. Yet, they vary and differ just as their ability to reason and think do. Man’s spiritual habits and behavioral characteristics also differ.
Man was placed in this universe to endeavor to develop his capabilities and widen the horizons of his thinking and real realization; thus, improving his knowledge and strengthening his spirit in order to achieve perfection. Man in this world is supposed to qualify himself for the fulfillment of his specific duties. With this in mind, it is the responsibility of every individual to establish a healthy and honest personality, and to work in the path of happiness.
All characteristics and habits share a position in deciding man’s future, and every thought and feeling greatly affects these characteristics and habits.
The first steps towards developing and perfecting the personality is to learn the methods of exploiting the hidden powers and capabilities of one’s self, and prepare the self to eradicate all the factors which many pose problems in the path of perfection.
Words and actions hold no real value unless they stem from the depth of one’s own existence. Words manifest the holdings of the mind, it is as if they were translations of the otherwise hidden secrets therein. When words contradict one’s actions this speaks of an unstable personality and consequently has devastating effects on the individual’s life.


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