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December 13, 2010 / Man in the Mirror

The Resurrection

One of the expression of the Day of Resurrection is alloys al-akhir meaning the Last Day in which the Holy Quran reminds us of two points:

  1. Not only human life but also the life of the whole is divided into two periods, each of which is known as one “day”. The first day or period referring to this world is temporary. The last day or period referring to the other world is everlasting.
  2. Passing through this first life or period and not having encountered the last day or period which is concealed from us, our happiness in this world and the other world is contingent on having “faith” in that day.

Our happiness today depends on this belief because it reminds us of the results of our acts. In this way, we realize that our deeds, behavior, thoughts, words and morals from the most important to the most trivial have a beginning and an end, like the human being itself.
Therefore we should try to improve ourselves and abstain from evil acts and thoughts.
That is why in the Holy Quran, having faith in the Resurrection is considered an essential requirement for the happiness of man.


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  1. Man in the Mirror / Dec 13 2010 8:24 pm

    Sorry it is supposed to be alyoum al-akhir.

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