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December 29, 2010 / Man in the Mirror

Life After Death

According to the Holy Quran and successive and indisputable messages and narratives from The Holy Prophet, no one enters the Great Day of Judgement right after death because the Great Resurrection coincides with a series of fundamental revolutions and transformations in all the earthly and celestial bodies such as mountains, seas, the moon, the sun, stars and constellations.
After death, one enters another stage of life where one feels everything. One experiences joy, pleasure, pain, and sorrow. One’s enjoyment and suffering has a direct relation to one’s thoughts, morals and deeds in the world. This stage continues until the Great Day of Judgement when a series of unique revolutions and transformations will immediately cover all the universe from the farthest stars to our earth. This stage or world, which is an interval and a medial stage between the world and the Resurrection for everyone, will eventually terminate.
Therefore, according to the Holy Quran, the world after death consists of two stages, that is, one passes through two worlds after death. The first, called purgatory, is finite, as the present world. The second is the world of the Great Judgement which is infinite.


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