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January 12, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Difficult Choices

Never be afraid of making a difficult decision. If certain circumstances are bad for anyone, do not be afraid to make a choice because of the judgement of others and the social repercussions.
From what I have learnt is that an unhealthy situation slowly destroys a person in one of two ways. The first is that is eats away on the soul or self (nafs) and one begins to change for the worst either by withdrawing from life or by becoming resentful. As a result, their behavior changes and this can affect their relationship with themselves, God, family, friends and future generations. The outcome of not being brave when making a harsh choice can destroy not only their own lives but others lives too. The second way a bad situation can destroy a person is physically. Evidence has shown that shown that due to stress, anxiety and anger a person starts to show real symptoms. And if they go to a doctor, a genuine medical term can be attributed to the way they feel but most conditions are a result of mental uneasiness.
The healthy person is usually a happy one and has no need to complain but an unhealthy person is usually also unhappy and is known to be a constant complainer.


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