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January 14, 2011 / Man in the Mirror


“Purgatory” means an interval.

Chapter 23, verse 99-100:

“Until when death overtakes one of them, he says, “Send me back my Lord, send me back. Haply I may do good in that which I have left”. By no means! It is mere words that he speaks; and before them is purgatory until the day they are raised.”

This verse refers to life after death only in so far as mentioning that some people are repentant after death and ask to be returned to the world, but are answered in the negative.

There are several heavens for the blessed, not just one. Some of these heavens are allocated to purgatory not to the Resurrection.

One’s life is nothing but a sleep, one wakes up the minute one dies.

First, as stated in the narratives and messages by religious leaders, in purgatory, one will be interrogated and questioned only on the problems of faith and belief, whereas on the Resurrection Day the rest of the problems will be brought up and dealt with.
Second, the dead will enjoy happiness, comfort and blessings through their descendants’ pious acts intended for them. All sorts of offerings made on behalf of dead parents, friends, teachers or others, will be considered as gifts resulting in their happiness. Among them are permanent offerings such as establishing charitable institutions which will remain to benefit the people as well as temporary offerings. The same result comes through prayer, asking for forgiveness, pilgrimage to Mecca or simply circling the Ka’ba, the House of God at Mecca and going on other pilgrimages.


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