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January 14, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

The Great Day of Judgement

The Great Day of Judgement is the second stage of Everlasting life. The great event will coincide with the extinction of the stars and the sun, the drying up of the seas, the leveling of everything, the disintegration of the mountains, universal quakes and thunder and great, unique transformations and revolutions.

The Resurrection is referred to by several names and expressions in the Quran. It is called:

  • The Day of Resurrection
  • The Day of Assembly
  • The Day of Encounter
  • The Day of Revealing Secrets
  • The Day of Laying Open One’s Deeds
  • The Day of Immortality
  • The Woeful Day
  • The Day of Repentance
  • The Fateful Message

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