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January 16, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Religious Con Artists – Part 6

It is common knowledge that many unusual events do take place which are beyond the established natural system. It is difficult to find someone who has not seen, or heard about some abnormal or seemingly supernatural event. But on close scrutiny it turns out that most of them are not enigmatic and mysterious at all. They are the results of normal and natural causes, like intensive practice and training, for example, predicting a person’s troubles by reading their body language, performing tricks using objects such as mobile phones or convincing people of a presence of something. Some are based on natural causes that are not known to the general public and some are based on the talent of reading people mentally and physically and then manipulating their weaknesses. A third set depends on the sleight of hand like juggling.

Yet there are other strange happenings that cannot be attributed to any normal physical cause. For example, giving information of the unseen, and particularly foretelling future events; the charms for love and hate, the harmful or beneficial spells affecting man’s virility, hypnotism, mesmerism, spiritualism, telekinesis and so on. It is know that such events do take place from time to time. Such demonstrations have been seen and similar reports have been discussed by reliable sources. At present there are many people in India, Pakistan, Iran and the western countries, who demonstrate such extraordinary feats and their authenticity is beyond doubt. It appears from close investigation of their methods and regimen that these feats spring from the will power of the doer, and from his unshakable self-confidence. The will power arises from the special knowledge which they have mastered. Some times the will acts independently and sometimes it needs some boosting; for example, writing a certain charm with a certain Ink in a certain place at a certain time; or fixing a mirror before a certain child; or chanting a certain incantation a certain number of times. When the conditions are fulfilled the will is strengthened to bring the desired effect into being. When the knowledge becomes one with the knower, it influences his senses to such an extent that he sees the end product.

If someone’s will power is extraordinarily strong, it might influence the psyche of another individual and create the desired impression on him also. That impression might, or might not depend on fulfillment of certain conditions.


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