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January 25, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Religious Con Artists – Part 7

Three principles:

  1. The appearnace of such extraordinary events depends on the firm “knowledge” and stron conviction of the doer but it is irrelevant whether that “knowledge” is true to the fact or not.
  2. Some of the people, holding the strong and effective will-power, rely on their own power and their own being, in bringing about the desired effect, the intended supernatureal events. Such events are bound to be limited in strength, confined in their scope- in their imagination as well as in reality.
  3. On the other side, there are some persons, like the Prophets and the saints who in spite of their most effective will power, totally rely on their Lord. This is a Divine Will- not limited in anyway, nor restricted in any manner. The supernatural events that are brought into being by the first group may be of many kinds; if they are based on enquiry of, or help from, a jinn or a spirit etc. then it is called “Al-Kihanah” (divination, sooth-saying or fortune telling); and if it comes about by means of a charm, amulet, ring, talisman or other such instruments or portions, then it is called magic.

        The supernatural events shown by the prophets and saints are also of various kinds. If it is produced as a challenge, in order to prove the truth of the claim of prophethood, then it is called a         miracle. if it is not offered as a challenge, then it is name “Al-Karamah” which literally means nobility, mark of honor; and in Islamic terminology is used for a miraculous events shown         without a challenge; and if it happens as a result of the prayer to Allah, then it called “answer to the prayer”.

  1. 3. As the whole thing depends on the will power of the doer, its strength varies according to the strength (or weakness) of the will.

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