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January 28, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Religious Con Artists – Part 11

Sorcery and soothsaying are evil. To understand the evil of magic and soothsaying it is enough to know the numerous frauds, crimes, thefts and cheating committed through them. The sorcerer discontinues all the good actions and concentrates only on performing rituals, some even satanic. He commits adultery with a married woman, sometimes he kills a person, or drinks human blood. He shows disrespect to the things that God has made respectful. He performs actions that bring him close to shaitans and eventually enters their company.

Shoabada or Illusion

Fast movement of an object can create an optical illusion for the beholder. Some people are adept at creating illusions which the audience perceives as real. All the scholars are unanimous that Shoabada is sinful.

The powers of the magician are limited. The magician cannot transform the creations of God as he will become a partner of God in His creation whereas no one can be a partner to God. If the magician has such powers he would got rid of his own senility, difficulties and maladies and would not have allowed his hair to grey and would have removed his own poverty. Actually the most dangerous kind of magic is that which causes differences between two friends. It creates hatred ad malice between those who love each other. Such discord and dissension can also be created by instigating people against each other. The two are closely inter-related.

Taskhirat or Controlling Jinns

This can be defined as the method of controlling angels, Jinns, souls or various wild animals. This is also a sin and is considered as a form of sorcery.

Qayafa or Guess

Qayafa is the art of determining the lineage of an individual. A person practicing Qayafa can decide whether a particular individual is the son or brother of another. But this practice is against the doctrine of Islam for establishing lineage and it is a kind of magic, therefore it is a sin in view of all the scholars. On the other hand it is possible for a knowledgeable and wise person to ascertain certain facts regarding an individual on the basis of his physical characteristics. This practice is not a sin.


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