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January 28, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Religious Con Artists – Part 12

Astronomy and Meteorology

Predictions regarding future events based on the knowledge of the effect of heavenly bodies on earth is known as meteorology. It is permitted if the one who is predicting only considers them a possibility but not a certainty because the final authority for all cause and effect lies with God.
On the other hand to predict future events with a belief that only the stars and heavenly bodies (without any Divine Will) govern them is a sin and is a kind of magic.

Predictions are of four types:

  1. It is not a sin to predict the future position of heavenly bodies and other phenomena like the solar and the lunar eclipse.
  2. It is also permitted to predict an occurrence if it is caused by the influence of the movement of stars or by the heavenly bodies coming near the earth but it must not be considered s phenomenon independent of the Divine will.
  3. To attribute future events solely to the influence of heavenly bodies is considered a sin by all the scholars.

The Holy Prophet says:
“One who believes an astrologer and soothsayer has disbelieved in whatever was revealed upon Muhammad”.


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