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January 28, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Religious Con Artists – Part 13

Four types of belief

  1. To believe that stars are the supreme controllers of the world is a sin.
  2. To believe that the heavenly bodies have been bestowed by Allah .
  3. When a person admits that the stars have no intelligence and will power but says that God has decreed that when the position of the stars will be such, the following events will take place.
  4. To predict future events on the basis of heavenly occurrences is not a sin, according to most scholars, as long as its interpretations are done by the Prophet or the saints. All the traditions imply that whatever the astrologers predict is based on deficient knowledge.

The prediction did not materialize. The deficiency and inaccuracy of astrological predictions can be gauged from the doubts and wrong predictions of the astrologer.


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