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January 28, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Religious Con Artists – Part 14

If a person is able to perform extraordinary acts due to his extreme piety and abstinence it is known as Karamat but if the said person is a Prophet or a saint, he is bestowed with this high station by the Almighty and subject to three conditions his act will be construed as a miracle (mojza):

  1. His claim should be acceptable to reason but is his claim is illogical, whatever action he performs is magic whether on can perceive the mechanics or not.
  2. The person should possess the necessary qualification for being a prophet or a saint. He must not commit either a greater or a lesser sin before his declaration or after it. He must be the righteous and knowledgeable person of his time. One of the signs of such a character is his indifference to material wealth. Thus if there is a claimant who commits sins and lacks knowledge and covets material wealth, then if he exhibits special acts, they are merely magic.
  3. It is necessary that the extraordinary act performed by the incumbent should be through the might and power of the Almighty. If he uses some tools and instruments (such as rings, calligraphy or other material devices such as telephones) or if he undertakes training for performing the said acts it is obvious that they are not miracles.

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