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January 28, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Religious Con Artists – Part 8

Various Kinds of Magic:

  1. As-Simiya: It deals with the ways of combining the will-power with particular physical and material forces for manipulating the natural order and, thus, producing extraordinary effects. Under this heading comes the manipulation of thought, also known as the eye-enchantment. It is the most deserving candidate for the title of magic.
  2. Al-Limya: it teaches how one may establish a connection between his psyche and the higher and stronger spirits, in order that one may bring them under one’s control, for example, the spirits of the stars, or the jinns, etc.
  3. Al-Himiya: It explains how the powers of the spiritual world may be combined with the base elements of this world to produce awe-inspiring effects. It is also called talisman.
  4. Ar-Rimiya: it trains one how to control and manipulate the qualities of various things, to produce seemingly super-natural effects. It is also called Ash-Sha’badhah or sleight of hand magic.
  5. Al-Kimiya: The attempt to transmute base metals into gold or silver
  6. Numerology: It shows the relation of numbers and letters with the desired effect. The relevant letters or numbers are filled in a magic square or triangle , etc., in a particular sequence.
  7. Al-Khafiyah: it is also known as the hidden knowledge. It breaks down the name of the desired effect or other relevant names, and finds out the names of the angels or Satan managing the said effect; and then composes the invocations made of those names.

The first five are what are known as the secrets, mysterious branches of knowledge.

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