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January 28, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Religious Con Artists – Part 9

Divination or Kahanat or Soothsaying

To predict future events is know as diving and when the prediction is made on the knowledge obtained through some groups of Jinns. It is known as Kahanat. Kahanat pertains to the prediction of future with the help of special knowledge. For example, the soothsayer may be adept at guessing the words of the enquirer or his private affairs , etc. According to some scholars this kind of soothsaying is known as “Araf” but according to other scholars a soothsayer is the one who predicts with the help of Jinns. The Jinns inform him/her of hidden matters. All the jurists are unanimous in their opinion that “Kahanat” or soothsaying is Haram or not allowed in the religion of Islam. Just as it is a sin to learn, teach, perform magic, in the same way it is a sin to learn soothsaying to act upon the advice of a soothsayer and even go for advice from a soothsayer. Some scholars maintain that soothsaying is a kind of magic.

The Messenger of Allah has mentioned that one who goes to a sorcerer, a soothsayer or a liar and testifies to what he says has become an infidel in the light of all the divine books revealed on Allah’s Messengers.

Informing about the hidden matters is sinful; whether through divination or otherwise. However, if someone guesses and conjectures or doubts; it is allowed.


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