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February 3, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Religion Versus Ill Manners

The Holy Quran manifests the reality of slander in one short but eloquent verse.
Chapter 49, verse 12:
“Does one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? But you abhor it.”

Therefore, in the same way that it is natural for a human to reject eating the flesh of a dead person, his reason should resent slander.

The Messenger of Allah said:
“I have not been sent save to perfect noble manners”.

Islam considers any enroachment on the borders of morality a great and reprehensible sin.

Islam did not stop at categorizing slander as a grave sin, but has made it the duty of all Muslims to defend the honor of one who is being slandered.

The Messenger of Allah said:
“If a man is slandered while you are present, be a helper to the man, reprehend the slanderer and depart the group”.

He also said:
“He who defend’s his brother’s honor in his absence, then it is his right upon Allah to safeguard him from the Fire”.

The Messenger of Allah said:
“As for him who slanders a Muslim, Almighty Allah shall not accept his prayers and his fasting for forty days and nights unless the slandered brother-in-faith forgives him”.

He also said:
“He who slanders a Muslim during the month of Ramadan, will not be awarded for his fasting”.

The Messenger of Allah also described the Muslim as follows:
“A Muslim is one who from whose hands and tongues other Muslims are safe”.

It is clear that is an individual allows his tongue to slander his Muslim brother, then he has certainly violated the rules of morality and becomes a criminal in the eyes of humanity and Islam. The slanderer violates the Divine commands and crouches upon the rights of others, heedless of the Creator’s commands.

Just as an absent person cannot defend his honor and dignity, a dead person is unable to defend himself; therefore it is the duty of everyone to respect the rules concerning the dignity of the dead.

Slander and backbiting are one sort of spiritual pressure.

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