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February 3, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

The Disadvantages of Slander

The most dangerous disadvantage of slander is the destruction of the spiritual personality of the slanderer’s conscience. Those who violate the natural path of their thoughts will lose their thinking balance and their excellent behavioral system; in addition to harming people’s feelings by revealing their secrets and faults.

Slander destroys the throne of human morality and deprives man of his dignity and noble qualities with amazing speed. Slander diverts pure thoughts to the point that the gate of reason and understanding come to a dead end.

Slander plays a devastating role in bringing about enmity and hatred among the different members of society. If allowed to spread in any nation, slander will deprive it of greatness, a good reputation and create an irreparable dissension in that nation.

It is unfortunate that we must acknowledge the fact that slander has found its way into all social classes. As a result of the spread of slander, pessimism and suspicion shadow the social mind; people loose trust in each other and replace it with mistrust.


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