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February 3, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

What Causes Slander to Spread

Slander is a sign of a dangerous underlying psychological disorder for which we must search the spiritual and psychological realms.

Behavioral scholars mention a number of reasons for the spread of slander. The most important being: Envy, anger, conceit, self-righteousess and suspicion.

Every action by an individual stems from a certain condition lying in his conscience, and as a result of a manifestation of such conditions, which are like burning coal under cold ashes, the tongue, the transaltor of man’s feelings, speaks out slander.

When a certain characteristic becomes deeply rooted in man’s conscience, it blinds his eyes and rules his thought. One of the reasons that slander is so widespread is that slanderers are heedless of its dangerous after-effects. We see people who refrain from most other sins but do not think twice about committing this miserable crime. The repitition of slander without concern as to its after-effects deprives man of control of his ability to refrain from following his lusts regardless of his knowledge of their dangerous reality. These people endeavor to achieve integrity and perfection. Individuals like this remove themselves from reality by refusing to bear the least bit of pain in the path of obtaining happiness.

Those who do not observe their own or other’s dignity are not abiding by the law of ethics; and a person who makes life an arena for his lusts enroaching upon other’s rights deserves misery.

In my opinion the most effective way is to encourage the qualities of good will in people by awakening the calls of goodness and human instincts in them and leading them to exploit the treasures of their minds on the path of obtaining happiness.


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