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February 12, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Insights from my Father

My father told me an interesting story of when he was 19. There was a family member, an uncle, who was very religious and read a lot of books. My father was interested in religion and would spend time with him asking questions. One of the conversations revolved around why is it that only some people are actually concerned with what is right and what is wrong religiously and morally and the majority of the people do not seem to care.

The uncle replied that people regard religion as a means to an end. In other words, they look at it in order to get what they want instead of actually understanding the concepts. Majority of the people are concerned with obtaining prayers that will make them rich, help their kids pass their exams, give them children…, etc., regardless if those same people are actually making a genuine effort themselves. These people do not care if they exploit others, if they gossip, if they hurt people’s feelings, if they take people’s rights, if they lie…all they care about is if they have the solution to their problems.

It is so sad that even today people regard religion this way as if it is a drugstore for which cures can be sought. Religion is so much deeper than this and people should spend more time reflecting their relationship with God rather than remembering Him when either when they have not put in the effort themselves or when they have a problem.


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