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February 18, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Cult Leaders

Your own creativity, ideas, traits, gifts, and personality differences, as good as they may be, are ignored. This is a subtle way of getting members to conform to the mold. Therefore, you start to conform to their ways in order to be accepted and approved.

Cultic groups emphasize one type of gift or function above all else as the activity in which you should engage. They are quite persuasive in convincing you of its importance and of doing it their way. It is typical peer pressure. Rather than being diverse in our own creativity, everyone ends up looking practically the same, almost as though being cloned.

In some group gatherings, they equate high emotionalism with the Holy Spirit. Some people are by nature very emotional and feel a sense of ecstasy, expressed in various ways. Some work themselves into a state of ecstasy in these gatherings. Being overly emotional may lead to lack of rationality in one’s thinking and actions. In these group meetings, the expressions of emotion become the accepted norm as a true sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, someone in the group may say to you something like, “If you can’t feel it and aren’t excited, you don’t have the Holy Spirit”. Therefore, the person waits, expecting soon to receive this great anointing. Nevertheless, weeks and months go by, and for many people, nothing unusual happens. What is wrong? The other members may give some explanation like, “It must be because you have some hidden sin in your life that robs you of true joy”. Maybe.

Some people put on a sense of excitement in order to feel a sense of belonging to the group and to gain approval, when actually within themselves they don’t feel the same sense of excitement that the others are displaying, and thus they actually are deceiving those around them.

However, it is an error to say that everyone must display a sense of excitement without regard to God-given differences in temperament and personality.


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