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February 18, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Cult Leaders:

The dependent relationship the followers develop with the leader, even when his ways contradict their own thoughts and experience, is an indication of how deeply they have been swallowed up in this deceptive system. However, as a matter of common sense, God’s word tells us not to be afraid of those who claim to speak for God when their prophecies do not come true.

After declaring a prophecy that fails, a manipulative cult master has another option in his arsenal: claiming to receive a new message or vision that the event is postponed because the followers need to be better prepared. So he gives the message of what they need to be doing until the time comes – usually more exhausting work.

Similarly, these false prophets and false teachers change their interpretations of a follower’s health problem.

Under the suppressing control of cultic influence, the leader may label even good emotions and desires as unacceptable. One couple was extremely busy working for the cause of the group, so they wanted some free time to spend with their family.

It is only natural to want to be accepted by those around us. Moreover, acceptance rather than rejection is what those who are new to a group or relationship encounter. But gradually over time in an abusive environment, there is a shift, requiring one to con- form to the controller’s programs, activities, ideology, and beliefs (whether legalistic or outright evil) in order to maintain acceptance.


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