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February 18, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Cult Leaders: “We are the best” syndrome

So intense is their suspicion of outsiders that if you are living with family members who are not in their group, they will tell you that Satan might operate through your family; therefore, you must turn away from them.

For those who base their salvation and their elitism on their deeds, here is something to consider: the attitude “We’re the best, only we are doing God’s will like no other” is an assertion which cannot be proven unless you truly know the details of every church or even every group in the world. An arrogant assertion as this is a blind one, a presumptuous one without truly knowing what others are doing elsewhere. The only way you can know your group is the only true way, or doing God’s will better than all others is to do an in-depth study of every group on the face of the earth, interview all their members and thereby truly compare your group to theirs. If you restrict your contact with the rest of the world, as cults typically do, you cannot know you are doing God’s will better than anyone else. In fact, some groups may be doing certain beneficial activities that your group is not doing or has not even thought of.


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