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February 28, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Envy: An Enigmatic and Corrupt Desire!

Envy is one such instinct which diverts men from the straight path and imprisons the conscience to prevent men from reaching hopes.

The envious cannot begin to see others in the shadow of happiness. They feel great pressure on themselves that stems from their pessimistic outlook towards others’ goodwill.

They apply every method to deprive others of their fortunes. They are prey to their lowly wants without realizing it. The envious manifests their evil intentions by spreading accusations and lies about the envied ones. And if they feel that their lusts are not satisfied by doing this, they may even go as far as to enroach upon their freedom or even deprive them of the right to live, just to fulfill their endless wants.

Not only do the envious lack the title of humanitarian, but they are lower than animals. For he who does not care about the pains of others cannot be a real manifestation of humanity.


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