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March 4, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

The Envious Burn in the Fire of Failure and Deprivation

Those who have the ability to control others’ hearts by their maneuverability and noble traits can enjoin support of the members of society during their advancement in life; hence obtaining the keys to success. Good people are like lights in a society; they shine and lead the thoughts of its members leaving deep effects on their behavior.

Envy causes the destruction of good traits and noble manners, and prevents the hearts of people from allowing valuable spaces for their companions, or to discover the star of love shining in the skies of their lives. Envy deprives the envious from enjoying the feelings of cooperation and help. When the envious manifest their feelings with their tongues or actions, and display the nakedness of their filth to the public, they gain only the waves of hatred and public resentment. The apparent anxiety and deep sadness which he inflicts upon himself by being envious pressures his soul and lights a fire within him that burns his beloved soul.

If envy becomes widespread in a society, many unwanted phenomena will appear among people such as arguments, etc. In a society that is full of pain and problems, every individual becomes an obstacle in the way of happiness of others instead of becoming an element of perfection and social integrity. When envy enters a society, it prevents social salvation, hence the spirit of cooperation, comfort and confidence between the members is eradicated, a matter which leads them to destruction despite their civilization and development.


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