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March 12, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Has anyone wondered why?

There is a lot of hate in this world. There is no valid and explainable reason for people to behave badly, to lie, to hide the truth, to exaggerate, to talk behind people’s backs, to hurt others (physically or emotionally)..etc.

There is just no reason for hate.

When I see people act this way, it makes me think “I wonder how they justify this in their heads?”. If these same people believe in a God, then they must realize that they have to answer for everything they have thought, said and done. Or perhaps even God has been forgotten? All that is left in this world is lip service. When people cannot treat God’s creations properly, why would they worry about the creator Himself?

Why do people want to live their lives in conflicts? Isn’t it so much easier to live happily with love, friendship and respect? Why do people like drama and conflict so much? Do women honestly want to spend the rest of their lives crying over situations they created? Do men really enjoy shouting and insulting others because it makes them feel better?

Why do people pick fights, especially with their family and friends? And if that is how such people have decided to live their lives then why do they get upset when the said family and friends distance themselves from the hate? How could they ever think that if they insult and hurt someone, that person should continue to show them love and respect, especially when it is so obviously not reciprocated?

When I see and hear this, it amazes me how these people are so blind to their own actions. There is too much distrust and hate in this world, which is spreading like an epidemic. It is destroying all sorts of relationships and no one is stopping to think of the consequences of their actions. 

Has it become so hard to simply be nice?


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