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March 18, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

North Country

Watch this movie!

Although it is a story about women who broke the gender barrier laboring in hazardous Minnesota iron mines…the story touched me because it brought up so many elements of our society that I have personally seen and experienced

The movie touches on topics such as how men are allowed, by society, to treat women. When physical violence exists, it is the woman’s fault and when it does not exist, it is still the woman’s fault. It shows that women should not be insulted, humiliated or have intimidation tactics used against her…just because a man can. Most of the time, society tells that woman not to complain about it and accept it.

It shows that when a person tries to stand up for self-respect, people don’t like it, especially if it is a woman standing up for self-respect against a man. The movie shows how she and her family are maligned, how rumors are spread to ruin their reputations, how the past is misconstrued, threats are made…all because the men did not want nor like the woman for speaking the truth.

In the end, the movie showed that truth prevailed and everything worked out. But in reality, most of the time this does not happen…justice will be carried out by God…but in the meantime one has to be patient and have faith that the truth will come out.

The movie also showed that there were a few people in the community who were aware of what was happening and knew the truth but they kept quiet because they did not want to go through the same experiences as those who were speaking the truth.


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