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March 26, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

The Life of a Competitive Man

We have all seen such men, just look around you. It could be a friend, an acquaintance or someone in the family.

He has, we may supposed, a charming house, a charming wife, and charming children. He wakes up and goes to work where it is his duty to display the qualities of a great executive; he cultivates a firm jaw, a decisive manner of speech, and air of sagacious reserve calculated to impress everybody except the office boy.

He arrives home, tired, late for dinner. At dinner he has to pretend to enjoy the company of his family and friends who have no occasion to feel tired yet. How many hours it may take the poor man to escape, it is impossible to foresee. At last he sleeps, and for a few hours the tension is relaxed.

What does he know about his children? What does he know of his family? What does he know of his wife? When he leaves her in the morning, she is asleep. Throughout the evening he and she are engaged in social duties which prevent intimate conversation. He has probably no men friends who are important to him, although he has a number with whom he affects a geniality that he wishes he felt.

Year by year he grows more lonely; his attention grows more concentrated, and his life outside work more desiccated.

Men like this are ruining their lives by believing success and wealth are the answers to all their problems. The reality is that such men have no problems, they have created a web for themselves which they cannot escape.


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