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November 28, 2011 / Man in the Mirror

Recycling in your life…

This was sent to me by a friend:

In the city of Vaishali in ancient India, a sage was meditating in his “Gurukul” (ancient Indian residential school). His wife was preparing grains for peacocks, pigeons, sparrows & other birds. Some students were attending to the cows & horses in their shades while others were collecting flowers & fruits from the gardens.
Just then one of the students came to see sage’s wife. He said, “Mother, see this. We
have bought a new curtain for the window of our library. The present one was so old that we could no longer use it as curtain.”
The sage’s wife smiled and said,” Thank you my child.” But there was a little concern on her face. Seeing this, the boy asked, “What is the matter Maa? Why do you look concerned?”
The lady replied, “I am happy that you bought a new curtain. But may i ask what have you done with the old one?”
The boy said, “I will use it as a bed sheet to sleep at night Mother”.
“Good”. Said the woman. “And what about your old bed sheet then?”.
The boy said, “That will be used as a table cover for our study tables”
She again asked, “So where is the old table cloth now?”
The boy replied, “We are using it as a dusting cloth to clean the house objects”
she said “Hmmm. that’s good. So how about the dusting cloth that you were using until now? Where is it?”
“We are using it as a door mat at the entrance to our library now” Said the boy smilingly.
“Then what happened to the old door mat my boy?” she asked anxiously.
The boy said, “Maa, that old door mat was very worn out and torn. So we washed it, shredded it into pieces & rolled them into wicks to be used for lighting the Diyas (Earthen Pottery Oil Lamps) that would brighten our houses in the night.”
Now the joy & satisfaction on the face of the woman was evident. She pleasingly offered some sweets to the boy for his intelligent & responsible behavior & life style.

Recycle – as much as you can.
A lavish, extravagant life style that we live in today’s world does not represent our richness but our foolishness in the way we plunder natural resources.
Man’s belief that everything on this earth – animals, plants, oceans, minerals – has been made for his pleasure, is ruining the entire world bit by bit.
We DID NOT pay an architect to design this planet for us. We are gifted the tenancy of this earth to co-exist with nature. Yet we shoot the crows on trees because we do not like their voice; we shoot dogs & cattle that stray around our houses. We hunt & kill for fashionable crocodile skin accessories, rabbit skin purses & countless other creatures brutally skinned for our luxury.
The earth has enough for everybody’s need; but not sufficient for even single person’s greed.


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