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March 12, 2012 / Man in the Mirror

Core personal principles

Today I attended an interesting class on Leadership and Power where each one of us had to write down what our core leadership principles were. The reason for this was to point out that possessing constant principles is an important driver for all of us in our lives.

I thought it would be interesting to share what I felt were my core principles (at least the ones off the top of my head):

– Being respectful towards everyone regardless of hierarchy, social status, race, ethnicity and religion.
– Accepting everyone for their differences and making it a point not to ‘tolerate’ anyone but to replace that emotion with ‘acceptance’.
– No matter how easy and convenient it may be tell a lie, especially a white lie, one should tell the truth instead of using avoidance, vagueness and manipulation to cover up the truth. This only leads to increased miscommunication and disappointment. It can also lead to destruction of people’s lives.
– Not to live in a dream-like existence and rather understand what the ground reality is in terms of timeline, resources and people. One should not be dejected by what one faces and instead one should be optimistic, keep faith (whatever that may be) and try to move ahead.
– Constantly learn and educate oneself through dialogue, workshops, research and new experiences.

Other principles that were mentioned by my classmates which I found were quite interesting:

– Think of everyone as someone’s son or daughter.
– You never get heard by staying quiet. (This was originally ‘you never get ahead by staying quiet’ but I felt it was too aggressive).


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