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March 30, 2012 / Man in the Mirror

Veronica: The Strength to Change it

“In the physical realm it becomes easy to allow negative energy to persuade you that you are not worthy.

This self deprecating despair overwhelms many who are living a difficult life. In an attempt to correct this one may often look at it through their physical eyes. In doing so they become overwhelmed, thus powerless to do anything about it.

This ‘stuck feeling’ is a huge concern for those participating in the linear. One needs to reach deep into the soul to find the strength to change it. Perhaps the view from one’s physical eyes is not the one to dwell on.

The spiritual eyes of the soul offer a perspective that is unconditional and forgiving. Looking at the situation from the eternal can bring hope to what seems unsolvable. When the physical energy has dwindled the soul can help you dig down to a new level of courage. No matter how dire the drama, the soulful energy can transform you to a new level of understanding.

When faced with turmoil, let your soul comfort you. Look out onto your world with spiritual eyes for a new perspective and solution.

The soul is tireless in its pursuit of your wll being.”


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