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March 30, 2012 / Man in the Mirror

Why is abuse encouraged for men?

One of the most ironic things I ever saw was when a husband would constantly curse his wife and her family. If she ever spoke up in defense, she was told by his family that she should be more patient and control her temper as it would only make the situation worse.

Instead of telling the husband that what he was doing was wrong and it was abuse, he was encouraged to continue to behave this way. And the wife was told that she was over-reacting and she should just take it quietly.

I wonder if the wife used the same curses for the husband and his family, would everyone have applied the same rules? How long would the husband have shown ‘patience’ before blowing up? Probably 30 seconds!

Families need to recognize these situations and sort them out from day one and not belittle the spouse/ partner who is being abused.


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