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May 7, 2012 / Man in the Mirror

Five ways investing in girls pays off

May 02, 2012 – The investment in girls’ future is a wise allocation of money for so many reasons.

Economic growth:

There is an increasing body of evidence that shows countries that invest in girls’ education will experience more economic growth than those that do not.

Education is the key for girls achieving economic equality. As more girls in developing countries receive an education, the ability of those girls to help list their communities out of poverty will be enhanced greatly.

Research shows that when the average education level of a country’s adult female population increases by just one year, the ratio of women in the workforce increases by nearly 1 percent.

Social impact:

When girls are given the tools and training to succeed, they grow into women who become role models for children of future generations.

It’s a sustainable change, as those children will have a clearer road to an improved life that includes better education and health care, and that slowly but surely breaks the cycle of poverty.

Improved health and welfare:

14-year-old Judith attends training courses to teach young women about their human rights.

Secondary education for girls leading to better jobs, and ownership of land and assets translates into lower maternal mortality rates, improved child nutrition and a lower risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

Child mortality rates drop 10% for every year beyond fourth grade that a child’s mother remains in school.

Better loan repayment rates:

Studies have shown that women are more likely to repay loans than men, so extending credit to them not only produces economic benefits, but it makes good business sense.

Global development:

The vast majority of companies identify growth in developing countries and emerging markets as an important component of their own long-term growth strategy. Investing in women within those countries facilitates that growth.


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