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May 16, 2012 / Man in the Mirror

The Fiji Times Online: Educate children on women’s right

Tevita Vuibau
Monday, May 14, 2012

Interfaith Search Fiji has called for children to be better educated on women’s rights and care after discussions showed these messages were not going through in many circles.

This was one of the major topics discussed at last week’s Interfaith Search Fiji meeting hosted by the Hare Krishna Society.

Interfaith Search Fiji representative Dr Rajesh Maharaj said the discussions at its monthly meetings had centred around the mention of women in scriptures and why they should be respected so much.

“All religions say we must respect women and treat them equally but the message is not going through in many circles,” Mr Maharaj said.

“A lot of education is needed in our communities; we need to instill these good values in our young children from a very young age.

“We need to give out the message to the people that children need to be trained properly in good behaviour, from a very young age.”

Interfaith Search Fiji chairman Jalad Ul Dean said representatives of the Hindu, Christian, Islam and Sikh faiths reflected collectively on women’s roles and rights. “Women are also to enjoy rights of inheritance as men do, both men and women are entitled to receive and own property,” said Mr Dean.


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