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June 23, 2012 / Man in the Mirror

Dreaming of a better world

I attended a meeting hosted by the Rights of Non-Status Women Network and heard how service providers are feeling the pressure of reacting to Bill C-31. There are two concerns: first, service providers would be obliged to fill out applications for refugees and second, refugees will have less time to reach out to the service organizations before the first application deadlines.

Besides other political issues, the real reasons why there are refugees, is because of poverty, wars and imperialism.

This made me wonder that if people, all over the world had stuck to the rules of fairness, respect and understanding, none of these issues would ever come up.

Imagine a world if everyone lived in peace: no racism, no violence, no ignorance, no jealously.

And I KNOW if I say this to anyone or if anyone reads this, they will claim that I am talking about something impossible. But take a moment and think about it! If we actually lived by the rules of morality the world would be a different place.

I mean, at least in Islam and many other monotheistic religions, there is a concept of the Messiah or Anti-Christ who will rid the world of evil and bring peace. This is supposed to be possible because people would start abiding by values and morals…so it is possible (if you believe religious scriptures).

Besides religion, why is it hard for people not to take someone else’s rights, not to name-call, not to envy…etc.? No really! It’s all about self-control and being above it all.

So just think about it if the we ALL actually interacted the way we should, the world would be a different place…and I wouldn’t be sitting in a meeting where people like myself are discussing how to protect marginalized people’s rights.


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