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July 25, 2012 / Man in the Mirror

Speak up against abuse

“Not all violence is reported. Some women feel that they will bring shame to their family or community if they talk about their abuse. Others may think that abuse is a ‘normal’ part of relationships. Women experiencing emotional abuse may not consider themselves abused because they have not been physically assaulted. People in general may prefer not to be labelled as a victim.”

We live in a community which can only succeed if individuals step up and speak out about issues which are dragging our community down. Living with abuse may seem like abiding by community norms but there are long term consequences to this decision. Anyone who learns about the abuse and sees that there is no reaction to it will assume that it is either particular to that community and therefore create a negative image or that this is accepted behaviour and the community will suffer the psychological affects of silent abused victims.

Women who have been victims either develop sever health problems, mental issues or become bitter which affects their relationships in the family. Children who have been victims of abuse or have witnessed abuse go through the same cycle. Research shows that children of abuse either become abusers later on as adults or gravitate towards abusive relationships.

We can’t live in a society where abuse is accepted and swept under the rug, hoping to it will go away. The only way it can stop if women who are being abused speak up against it. It is a tough decision to make…and society will everything they can to keep you quiet about this taboo topic…your family and friends will be dragged into it…but if we give up, what sort of a world are we leaving behind for the future generation?


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