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August 24, 2012 / Man in the Mirror

Daily News: India rights group urges ban on term ‘honor killing’

Thursday, August 23rd 2012, 01:14 PM

A government body in India that lobbies for women’s rights called Thursday for the term “honor killing” to be dropped when referring to the murder of people accused of bringing shame on their family.

India has for centuries seen killings that often target young couples who have relationships outside their caste or against their relatives’ wishes and are murdered to protect the family’s “honor”.

“There is nothing honorable in such killings. It is barbaric and shameful murder,” Charu Wali Khanna, a member of the National Commission of Women (NCW), told AFP.

“The word ‘honor’ in the media or in law tends to legitimize the motive of the crime,” she said.

The NCW, which advises the government on all issues affecting women, called for the term not to be used in any official documents and legal papers or by politicians.

While there are no established figures, an independent study in 2010 suggested that as many as 900 such murders were committed every year in the northern states of Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

Many others go unreported, with police turning a blind eye to what some see as an acceptable form of traditional justice by families seeking to protect their honor.

This article was distributed through the NewsCred Smartwire. Original article © Agence France Presse 2012

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