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September 21, 2012 / Man in the Mirror

ANSAmed: Women’s Rights: Tunisia worrying, undersecretary Dassù

(ANSAmed) – CASERTA, SEPTEMBER 19 – Italian Foreign Undersecretary Marta Dassu’ told an international gathering in Caserta that ‘one of the reasons why public administrations in Arab countries have not developed is that women have a marginal role, something I hope will change soon although talks on this issue concerning the new Tunisian Constitution are worrying’.

Dassu’ was addressing a round table on ‘The Mediterranean two years after the Arab Spring’ organized today in Caserta at the inauguration of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa)- OECD Governance Programme Training Centre within Italy’s Superior school for the public administration, which trains Italian civil servants.

‘Europe must consider as fundamental the defence of women’s rights in the labour market of Arab countries’, said the undersecretary. Morocco is making progress in this respect, said the programme’s president Abdelaadim Guerrouj, the Moroccan minister for the modernization of the public administration.

‘The principle of equality in the labour market is stressed by the country’s Constitution’, he told ANSAmed. ‘I recently sponsored a law promoting women’s access to the highest public functions’.

The minister said 39% of public employees in Morocco are women ‘but only 17% hold positions of power, something which must change’. ‘We are aiming to reach a 50% presence of women in key roles’, he added. ‘In order to obtain this, more training for women is required. But we also need specific social policies. Right now we are giving women help to meet the demands of work and a family, starting fromnursery schools’. (ANSAmed)



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