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February 27, 2013 / Man in the Mirror

Pakistani Dramas

My parents are from Pakistan and although I visited the country more often than having lived there, a great part of me still belongs to the culture of Pakistan. Watching TV dramas has become a national pastime for most households. And as it is an important tool to pass on messages or create awareness of what happens in Pakistani societies, I am not against it but there are issues with the types of scripts written.

Many Pakistani dramas show that women are weak and usually are preyed upon to abuse, regardless if the females in questions are at fault or not. Where did this mentality come from? Why does a good woman, who speaks up against injustice, gets labeled or is seen in society as breaking society norms?
Even husbands and fathers are shown to shout at their women, and it is accepted because it is supposedly how men behave when they are upset or when they care. Men are even shown to slap their spouse or daughters because they are trying to bring the women to their senses.
These are very disturbing norms in culture.

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