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April 24, 2013 / Man in the Mirror

the Human-trafficking ‘pariahs’ face deportation after jail

Gizella Domotor and husband Gyozo Papai, part of a human trafficking ring, are pariahs who don’t deserve to be in Canada, said Ontario Superior Court Justice Alan Whitten in sentencing them to jail and recommending they be deported to their native Hungary afterward.

Domotor, 44 and Papai, 43, are the last of 12 members of the Domotor-Kolompar criminal organization sentenced in the largest human-trafficking case in Canadian history.

One arrest warrant remains outstanding. It’s for Gizella Domotor’s father, Ferenc Domotor Sr., 70, believed to be in Hungary.

The criminal organization — of which Gizella Domotor’s brothers, Ferenc, 49, and Gyula, 35, are major players — consists of an extended Hungarian Roma family whose members claimed refugee status when they arrived in Canada over the years.

Since 2008, the family had recruited 19 victims from its homeland on the promise of good jobs, only to force them to work in the family’s construction business as slaves. The victims’ passports were seized, they were instructed to falsely claim refugee status and welfare, and their movements were controlled.

Gizella Domotor pleaded guilty on Friday to conspiracy to commit human trafficking and participating in a criminal organization to facilitate human trafficking.

Papai pleaded guilty to human trafficking and conspiracy to commit human trafficking.

Both pleaded guilty to one count each of fraud over $5,000 for defrauding social assistance collectively of $18,784.

Whitten did not mince words.

“Their acts are vile, a despicable abuse of their countrymen and of this country,” he said. “You are dishonest and you are pariahs.”

It is hard to understand how Gizella Domotor, who claimed discrimination in Hungary for being a Roma when she came to Canada, could then treat her own people so badly, Whitten said.

“You do not deserve to be in this country … I’m sure all of us are relieved to have you deported when you have served your sentences.”

He gave Domotor 18 months, but credited each month already spent in jail as two, following the precedent set by the sentences given to others in the ring last year. It appeared Domotor could be released almost immediately.

Before sentencing, Whitten invited a Canada Border Services Agency immigration enforcement officer in the body of the courtroom to address the court. The officer said she had just arrested Domotor under immigration rules and she will remain in custody until her deportation hearing. The couple will likely be deported, the officer added.

Papai was sentenced to two years, but with the two-for-one credit, he has six months left.

Both also received six months for fraud, to be served concurrently, and were ordered to return the welfare money fraudulently obtained from the City of Hamilton, and to provide samples for Canada’s DNA criminal databank.

Prosecutor Valerie Gillis told the court earlier that the couple abused and exploited their victims, making them work long hours for little or no pay, adding “Not only did they exploit vulnerable people, but also the social system in Canada.”



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