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About Us

There is a lot for me to learn and change in my own life. With all the problems within our own communities, such as backbiting, gossip, accusations, feuds..etc. I thought this group could be a place of expression and learning for ourselves. If we start with ourselves, and then our families, perhaps we can strive to create an awareness in our own societies.
There are so many causes out there in the world but none that cater to the ‘disease’ that is spreading and creating hate amongst us. I thought if we all get a chance to interact, share and learn from each other; perhaps we too can eradicate this problem.
If there are any topics or quotations for which you would like the source cited, I am happy to provide this for you.
Also, I don’t intend to make this group too religious, but a lot of my inspiration comes from Islam and therefore I may lean on it more when it comes to different topics.
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